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About Our Services

We are the best junk car removal company in Windsor. It is our mission to make sure that nobody in Windsor, Ontario disposes of his/her vehicle for no or very little money. Once you give us a call about your vehicle the process hence out is as quick and efficient as possible. Providing the most value for your vehicle.
  • Here’s how we proceed with your junk transports and cars;
  • Whether you reach out to us via our website or via call & email. Our reliable customer support team listens to your requirements.
  • After that our professional team of scrap car removal experts come to your doorstep and verify the condition of your concerned vehicle.
  • They’ll ask you to fill out some paperwork required as official documents. Taking no more than a couple of minutes to fill out.
  • Then they’ll tow away your junk car and hand over the agreed-upon cash to you.
  • Viola! You’ll get rid of your old, junk and useless transport in exchange for the best price possible.

How to Get your Car for Scrap

I normally advise my clients to do few things immediately after they decided to scrap their cars. Over time a lot of belongings accumulate in the car due to it being used so much. It’s best to go over each compartment and holder to make sure it’s all empty. we get lots of calls from our customers after they have scrapped their cars for keys and garage openers. We shred vehicles sometimes right after they are bought to the yard so it’s extremely important to do a thorough check and sweep of your car before giving it to us.
  • Check side and middle consoles for any valuable. any valuable.
  • Under the seats
  • Always empty your trunk.
  • before handing over the key and ownership of vehicle make sure ur sunvoisers are facing downward. People often keep valuable papers and garage openers on sunvoisers.

Call Us Today to Get Rid Unwanted Vehicles

Jon’s Junk Car Removal delivers the best scrap car towing and removal services in Windsor and surrounding areas.
we provide all services in any connecting area to Windsor, for example, Lakeshore, Leamington and Amherstburg, Kingsville, Essex, LaSalle
if you belong to any of these areas or surrounding areas, give us a call or connect with us on our website to get professional junk car removal and disposal services at the ease of your comfort.
Don’t Give Your Car For Free When We Are Ready To Pay Ca$h For Your Vehicle Regardless Of Its Condition.
Consult with professional automotive industry experts to sell your unwanted, rusted, or even crashed car for the best value available. Jon’s Junk Car Removal has got you covered for the profitable deal for any kind of car in Canada.

Our Services

Junk Car Removal Service

Get your cars haul away in GTA and nearby areas with our 24/7 junk car removal service. We also pick up cars with no key and from underground parking.

Top Cash for Scrap Cars

We paid highest cash for vehicles of any make model and year in any conditions with free towing to our scrap yard.

Scrap Car Disposal Service

With our 100% eco friendly scrap car disposal service. Get your vehicles recycled with our fast, easy and hassle free process.